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    A little early? Sure! But, we can't wait for the ATS V to get out and start hitting the tracks!

    The Fast List, found at the end of Post #1 of this thread, is open for additions as submissions are received and validated.

    The Fast List has five sub-lists:
    • Bone-Stock on Stock Tires. This means completely stock with no performance changes whatsoever; stock exhaust, stock airpath, stock “untuned” and ""never-tuned" computer (ECU/PCM), etc.
    • Bone-Stock, except Non-Stock Tires including drag radials. Otherwise, the same requirement as above.
    • Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification (e.g. modified air-path, headers, PCM-tune, aftermarket clutch, non-stock rear gears, skinny front tires)
    • Internal Engine Mods plus Bolt-Ons (e.g. stock displacement with bolt-ons plus heads and/or cam)
    • Power Adders (Nitrous, Turbo, Supercharger) and Non-Stock Displacement
    In proposing submissions for inclusion on the list, please follow these simple rules

    Rule #1. Post the details of your quarter-mile pass using this template:Note: your submission won't be acted upon unless it is in the format below. This requirement applies to each new Personal Best.

    Year of your ATS V:
    Tires used on the pass:
    Performance Mods (if any):
    Category submitted for:
    660’ mph...
    1320’ mph…
    Name of the track:
    Date of pass:
    Weather conditions: (include Density Altitude, if known):

    Image of complete Time Slip:

    Link to Video if available:

    Rule #2. Times that may qualify for the top-20 in each category require posting of an image of the complete time slip. If you lack the ability to post an image, contact me via PM, and I will help you. Time slip is the full print out ticket from the booth. Must include date/time of the pass and customarily includes identification of the track issuing the slip. Image should be in the vertical orientation and the numbers must be legible. A time slip is encouraged for all submissions as a means of improving documentation of accomplishments and increasing credibility of the Fast List. A car with a tuned (modified file) PCM or a non-OEM PCM is not eligible for either of the two stock classes thereafter. This means once tuned, always tuned.

    Rule #3. Track times will not be corrected for weather or track altitude. Those elements can be noted in the comment portion of the submission to clarify the conditions under which the run was made. If interest merits, we can include a single category for fast times at tracks with altitudes, say, above 3000’ for the official track elevation. Please let us know if there is interest in such a category.

    Rule #4. All members are invited to submit his/her times on this thread. The top 50 or so for each category will be included in the Fast List. Only one pass per member per car-model per category will be included on the Fast List.

    Rule #5. In the event two members submit a 1320’ ET identical to the thousandth of a second, the tiebreaker is the higher 1320’ mph.

    Rule #6. In order for your track results to be included on it, they must be plausible, probable and credible. The time slip must match the capabilities of the car.

    ================================================== =====================================

    Last Updated: March 29th, 2015

    A. Bone-Stock on Stock Tires
    Rank~~ E.T.~~ Trap~ 60'~ Driver~~~~~ M.Yr. Details

    B. Bone-Stock except Non-Stock Wheels/Tires
    Rank~~ E.T.~~ Trap~ 60'~ Driver~~~~~ M.Yr. Details


    C. Tune only, no mechanical modifications (E85/flex fuel sensor accepted)
    Rank~~ E.T.~~ Trap~ 60'~ Driver~~~~~ M.Yr. Details

    D. Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification
    Rank~~ E.T.~~ Trap~ 60'~ Driver~~~~~ M.Yr. Details

    E. Internal Engine Mods plus Bolt-Ons
    Rank~~ E.T.~~ Trap~ 60'~ Driver~~~~~ M.Yr. Details

    F. Unlimited - Double Power Adders (Nitrous)
    Rank~~ E.T.~~ Trap~ 60'~ Driver~~~~~ M.Yr Details
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    SWEET!! I'll be on this list ALOT!


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      2016 ATS V sedan A8 (500 miles on the clock)
      Bone stock
      Stock tires at 23psi
      Sacramento raceway 10-21-15
      80 degrees didn't check da but probably around 1000'
      Right lane


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        Here was my run last weekend only street tuning with 3" exhaust and DR's

        Ran 11.5 at 119mph with a 1.6 60'

        I'm looking forward to getting back on the dyno Tuesday to work out the kinks.


        • #5

          Tires used on the pass: MT 275 DRs
          Performance Mods (if any): WXM intake filters, WXM turbo back exhaust
          Category submitted for: D Bolt on's
          60'............. 1.569
          330'........... 4.671
          660'........... 7.212
          660’ mph... 97.11 mph
          1000'.......... 9.408
          1320'.......... 11.278
          1320’ mph… 121.01 mph
          Name of the track: Edgewater
          Date of pass: 11/15/15
          Weather conditions: 850 DA


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            Congrats...great run! Amazing little hot rods.
            BLK '09 3LZ Z06 / RSM '16 ATS-V


            • #7
              Finally did it! 10 second pass at 127mph and a 1.55 60' in 2100+ DA!

              I'll add more info later


              • #8
                Great job Ben...simply amazing!
                BLK '09 3LZ Z06 / RSM '16 ATS-V


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                  Well done!