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ATS V 18 and 19" Track Spec wheels are ready to go!

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  • ATS V 18 and 19" Track Spec wheels are ready to go!

    In typical fashion, the WEAPON-X ATS V had a set of custom wheels waiting on the car to come in. We've worked the wheel wells and sizes and figured out what it takes to get 17", 18", 19", and 20" wheels on. If you're ready to hit the track with your ATS V, look no further than Forgeline's track wheels offered through WEAPON-X. Forgelines are used on more track cars than about any wheel we've ever seen. They're design and weight is incomparable to other track wheel brands out there with their 18" wheels weighing in around 18lbs! They're made in-house in Dayton, OH which is less than an hour away so we get up there quite frequently to see what they're working on.

    The Track Spec wheels come with titanium hardware and center caps are optional for the true weight conscious racer.
    Standard Finish is Silver or Black center with Polished Lip and Raw inner, but can be customized.|
    Rims sold in a set of four.
    Tires sold separately.

    Wheel sizes:
    ATS V Coupe 18 or 19" x9.5 and x10.5"
    ATS V Sedan 18 or 19" x9.6 and x10"

    Want a complete tire package? We can send any wheel set with your choice of tires, TPMS, mounted, balanced and shipped so you can install in your driveway! Why haul 4 wheel boxes to a tire shop and have them mounted there and deal with getting the other wheels home!

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    Mike has a set of 18x9.5 and 18x11" track wheels into production for his V coupe!