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ATS V Blow Off Valves are prototyped and approved!

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  • ATS V Blow Off Valves are prototyped and approved!

    Got the prototype ATS V blowoff valves in the mail today and couldn't wait till tomorrow to put them on so I did it in the driveway, in the dark under 30m. They're a direct replacement and use all OEM hardware. The blowoff valves can be run half bypassed if you're not planning to tune or in full blow off mode if you tune for the metered air loss.

    Available here and should ship in approx 10-15 business days.

    I'll get some driving videos tomorrow... till then!

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    Assuming that was in full open mode? Any benefits other than just noise?


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      Yes Renick did some preliminary testing and the OEM blow off valves bleed boost which causes power loss:

      "The GM OEM valve is made of a two part injection molded plastic. Inside is a flimsy rubber stopper with a 2 pound spring and a plastic guide rod. After testing the OEM valve for countless hours and cutting one in half, we found the edges of the rubber stopper (inside the body) were lifting at around 5-8 PSI. The solenoid was not demanding dump but the OEM valve was bleeding boost back to the intake pipes. Even worse, both sides would bleed boost at different rates, this made for an inefficient system. "