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WEAPON-X ATS V Air Box mod with upgraded filters

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  • WEAPON-X ATS V Air Box mod with upgraded filters

    While my carbon fiber intake is in the works, I wanted to swap out the filters and see if I can reduce the intake restriction I saw. While tuning, I noticed the baro reads approximately 14.5 at my elevation; however, at a WOT pull hitting 17-18psi on a 3" catless exhaust, I noticed the baro pulling all the way down to 13.1! This means between the air box and the intake filters and piping, the turbos are having to do a lot more work than they need to to make power.

    A little insight into the tune:
    If you look at the Turbo Wastegate Open Boost table in the tune, the ATS V is tuned to hit 18psi as advertised IF you're at sea level AND if there were no intake restrictions. This is not possible and thus the reason most are reporting only seeing 15psi. Anything less than 101 kpa baro (125 kpa) results in the PCM defaulting to the 85 pa table (108 kpa). The Wastegate DC% is a percentage of the WG Open Boost table, so the wastegate is taking a larger percentage of the smaller kpa resulting in more throttle blade closing and power loss. There are gobs of power gains to be made just by modifying the torque and wastegate settings alone... without even touching the air and timing tables! I'll add more on that in another thread.

    I need to get this on the dyno in a couple of days but doing some street driving, I had to go back and adjust the wastegate duty cycles as the baro was only pulling down to 13.9 opposed to the previous restricted 13.1, which means the intake tubes are still causing some restriction, but the filters and air box mod helped about increase air flow about 5% roughly.

    All you need at the moment are the dual cone filters found here:

    Screw drivers - phillips, flat head, torx
    Air saw or dremmel should you choose to do the air box mod
    Exacto blade
    Trim panel remover

    1. Remove the 6 phillips screws holding the upper intake box to the lower

    2. Unclip and remove both MAF harnesses

    3. Unscrew the flat head worm gear clamps and remove the upper air box

    4. Use the trim panel remover to pup the push pins holding the MAF harnesses to the lower air box

    5. Squeeze the clips in the end of the air box and remove them from the upper air box

    6. Use the torx screw driver to remove both MAF sensors as well.

    7. Prepare to swap in the new larger air filters

    8. Trim the air box plastic support here so the filter fits in

    9. Work the new air intake into the air box. Use a touch of lubricant around the rim on the air box and the inside of the air intake filter to slide it on. Then tighten the ring gear on the new air filter.

    10. With the MAF sensor out, you can work the filter inlet onto the flange from the inside

    11. Repeat with the second filter

    12. From here, you can choose to put the air box back together and reinstall

    OR you can continue to modify the air path to the filters for less restriction and more power

    13. First you can address the air box inlet. The passenger side turbo has the farthest travel, the most restriction, and the smallest air inlet on the air box too. Open up the air box inlet to allow more air to the filters

    14. Lastly, find the path in through the driver side of the grill and remove the piece blocking that airflow.



    From the grill

    Finally, reinstall the air box into the engine bay!

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    Awesome! I'm really excited to see how much this picks up on the dyno!


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      Interested in the report back, Ben. I ended up acquiring an ATS-V from Jay and am ready to mod.


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        Do you have any new dyno results yet?


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          Do you have any new dyno results yet?


          • WEAPON-X
            WEAPON-X commented
            Editing a comment
            Ah sorry dyno wasn't cooperating that day so I didn't get to do anything, but did get some track results. I also did another little trick with this that helped out a lot too for those that aren't ready to tune yet

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          So this is a non tune nessisary mod?


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            This looks like an easy way to add a few ponies to the V.

            What can one expect to gain from this mod on a stock engine?

            I'd like to see dyno results of before/after with this on a stock ATS-V. Am I asking for a lot? Sure. Then again, I don't want to go through all of this for another 5hp.


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              K&N and other "high performance" manufacturers have been touting the benefits of their replacement air filters for years. I've NEVER seen/felt a tangible difference merely by replacing an air filter.

              I just feel like I've had my pocket picked.

              How does this $150 product make a difference for a stock ATS-V?


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                6 months later after asking. Crickets.