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  • Track Performance Package Y4Q

    Curious as to how many of you diehards ordered the track performance package for $6195?

    The 2016 ATS-V Track package brings in the Performance Data Recorder and a low-mass battery while deleting the floor mats, sunroof, and tire inflator kit to keep things light and fleet. The result is a weight savings of approximately 33 pounds and 50 pounds of downforce at 150 mph; a byproduct of this is that when downforce goes up, top speed of 189 mph goes down, giving the base 2016 ATS-V the highest top speed of the bunch, although it has 15 pounds of lift in comparison. The downforce figure reflects both the Carbon Fiber and Track packages.
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    I have yet to place a sold order for a track package ATS-V but we have one stock unit order placed and accepted by production control. This particular order should begin production this month and then we would hope to have it around the middle of next month. I've attached the specifics of it so that you can see how most of them will be equipped.
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      I picked up a sedan this week with the track package 😎