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ATS V WHEELS - Aftermarket wheel thread

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  • ATS V WHEELS - Aftermarket wheel thread

    With a body similar to the new C7s, the 18" wheels on the ATS V were a little surprising to me as they seemed slightly small for the car. The tire diameters from front to rear are 0.7" different anyway and the rear fenders (especially on the coupes) make the back wheel "look" smaller than the front wheel to me. I'm an aftermarket wheel guy anyway, so I spec'ed out a set of 19/20" wheels.

    These are the TSW Bathursts that I had the face machined, then brushed, and finally re-powdercoated in a transparent brass. They measure 19x9 and 20x10" with Nitto Invo in a 255/295 setup. She needs to come down some on the tires with some springs but it was a huge improvement for my visual tastes!



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    That looks great


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      That's hot! Would love to see your car in person sometime!


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          Looks great! Have you noticed a difference in the ride quality?


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            No, the mag ride suspension is pretty amazing. If you're concerned though, I can do 18/19, 19/19, and these are 19/20s as well.

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          Wheels look great.

          Can you share the wheel specs?


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            They're a 19x9 and 20x10 but I can fit a x10.5 on a coupe now having fit these

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          If you're after a drag setup or custom wheel setup, I move a lot of wheels so let me know. Bolt pattern is 5x120, don't recall the rest off hand. Coupe/sedan are diff offsets. Center bore is same as previous CTS V too.

          Here are Welds

          If you want custom wheels, I do about anything including our WXM Forged, PUR, Forgeline, HRE, ADV1, 360Forged etc

          Here are a few new Z06s I've done wheels for. I've done over 100 new C7 Vette wheel setups already.

          Mine on PUR RS05.M2

          Mine on our signature label WXM Forged WEBx5s

          Mine on WXM Forged WIDEx5

          WXM Forged
          Callaway C7 Z06





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            hi, what offsets are you running?? im also interested in doing a 9 and 10